Transfer / Plasma Arc Welding

3d model of Transfer / Plasma Arc Welding for technical graphics purposes.

Available in 3Ds Max, 3Ds, PSD, IGES, FBX and OBJ

Plasma Arc Welding is an arc welding manner similar to gasoline tungsten arc welding (GTAW). The electric arc is formed between an electrode (which is typically however not constantly made of sintered tungsten) and the workpiece. The key difference from GTAW is that in PAW, with the aid of positioning the electrode inside the body of the torch, the plasma arc can be separated from the defensive gasoline envelope. The plasma is then compelled through a fine-bore copper nozzle which constricts the arc and the plasma exits the orifice at high velocities (approaching the velocity of sound) and a temperature approaching 28,000 °C (50,000 °F) or higher.

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