Magnetic Particle Inspection – Prod Handels

3d model of  Prod Handels for technical graphics purposes.

Available in 3Ds Max, 3Ds, IGES, FBX and OBJ

Magnetic Particle Inspection uses electrically prompted magnetic fields in components made from ferromagnetic substances to discover flux leakage at the site. A magnetic subject is caused in the test specimen, which is then “dusted” with iron particles, both dry or in a liquid suspension. The particles will accumulate alongside the edges of any cracks or other discontinuities that distort the precipitated magnetic field to supply a conveniently seen indication of the flaw.

While limited to examining parts made from iron and steel which are strongly affected via magnets (ferromagnetic), Magnetic Particle Inspection is very useful for detecting minute surface and near-surface cracks down to a depth of about 0.100”.

Magnetic Particle Inspection is used to test a large range of raw or manufactured substances and components, which includes castings, forgings and weldments, safety necessary automobile parts, and infrastructure, such as bridges or storage tanks.