Marine Riser Tensioner

3d model of  Marine Riser Tensioners for technical graphics purposes.

Available in 3Ds Max, 3Ds, PSD, IGES, FBX and OBJ

Marine Riser tensioner is a system used on an offshore drilling vessel which affords a near consistent upward pressure on the drilling riser impartial of the movement of the floating drill vessel.

Aker Kvaerner MH Marine Riser Tensioner (MRT)
The marine riser is linked to the wellhead on the sea bed and therefore the tensioner need to manipulate the differential movements between the riser and the rig. If there were no tensioner and the rig strikes downward, the riser would buckle; if the rig rises then high forces would be transmitted to the riser and it would stretch and be damaged.

Tensioners have traditionally been composed of hydraulic actuated cylinders with wire sheaves. More recently, energetic electrical motors have been used for compensation purposes.