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Professional 3D Oil and Gas Modeling & Web Development Service

You can reach us at 281-215-3284 or by email at admin@strait3d.com

If you can think it, we will do it.

The oil and gas industry has developed so much that as 3d modelers we always look for ways to assist our teaming clientele with pieces that will make any design a walk in the park.

With years of experience designing and creating modeling bits and pieces for the industry, Strait3d has moved to design modeling parts for oil and gas modeler.

However, if you are new to the industry and is looking to showcase your intelligence with a perfect model, Strait3d is your friend and business partners to create the best design models regarding the oil and gas industry.


3D Model Services

Strait3d became a brand name because of our intricate designs and modeling pieces that assist artist all over the world to create unique models or add to an existing design to enhance perfection.


Why Strait3d Models

Whether you are looking to create realistic models or enhance the images of your oil and gas presentation on the screen, we have the perfect animations for beautiful customs oil and gas models that will blow your clients

With our models, you can take your prospective clients to the field right in the middle of the conference room with model pieces that bring the thoughts to life.

You don’t have to worry about dealing with heavy machinery or equipment, all you need is a downloadable Strait3d digital download on our website.

If you need help, we are always ready to help, just contact us today for designs that will take your projection to the zenith.


Prototype, Manufacturing Designs and 3d Printing services

Are you looking for a 3d modeling company that can bring your prototype to life; welcome to Strait3d, we are the best product 3d manufacturers and prototype company in the business.

We offer a wide-ranging and exclusive display of manufacturing modeling technology to handle any design application with superior quality. Take advantage of our team to create the best project for that upcoming presentation today.


Rapid Prototype

At Strait3d, we provide a wide range of prototypes service that produces astonishing 3d models for your investors or one that will test the effectiveness and efficiency of a product.

On our website, we have hundreds of downloadable digital technology and material that will produce any stage of your project so that your clients can see the different steps of the design as your progress.


Website Development

Wondering how to get your website the look that will attract visitors and make you stand out in the crowd, then you need us.

We will not only design your website, but we will also add features and application that will make navigating it a breeze. Our design creates unique additions to your online website and development, social media pages, or we can customize the page, manage your contents that will make your page stand out anywhere.


We work with all Web Language like

HTML and CSS – these are fundamental essentials of web designing that help to develop the structural integrity, style, layout, and font of the page.

We also offer complex website application that can help your social media pages, online or e-commerce store, personal or business pages by our team of experienced designers, web developers and managers.

All Strait3d team has over the year garnered enough knowledge in various programming languages such as PHP, WordPress, iQuary, Java, XHTML, Joomla Programming, XML, C++, VBScript, C#, Ruby on Rails, ASP.ASP.net and many more.

If you have a website development project and don’t know how to start or have started one but you are stuck, then contact Strait3d today.

All you need to do it give us your project goal, tell us your expectation, and turn-around; Strait3d will develop and bring your thoughts to life. We will also carry your along the way in every step and ensure that your website is finished within the shortest time possible but also checks all the boxes your desire.


Social Media Marketing

If you depend on social media network for your livelihood or to sell your business, then you need to let everyone know about it.

With over 80 percent of the world population on one social media platform or another, you can’t afford to take a good chunk out of the system if you truly want to succeed, then you need to market your website through social media marketing.

Strait3d offers this service and more at an affordable price where one of our managers will help you optimize your pages for high leads.


Facebook Marketing and Design

Our team we design your Facebook page to tell the story of your brand, business, and products to the targeted demography thereby enabling you to generate viable leads and get more followers through good traffic.


Instagram Design

Although the page has its own design tools and amenities, Strait3d will enhance the features on your Instagram page to become SEO certified, generate more traffic, leads and give you a great return on investment.


Page Design and brand Promotion on Twitter

Yet another powerful social media platform for business people; through Twitter, you can promote people to people on your link and even others that are not easy. Strait3d ensures that your Twitter page design is unique, distinct and eye-catching for your regular and potential customers.


What is our Goal?

Creating unique designs that will satisfy our clients through 3d design prototypes for proposal and manufacturing purposes

To use our 3d animation and design skills to help customers create stunning website while leveraging on our expert social media marketing experience to take your website and page to the top

Striat3d is home to all things three dimensional, whether you need our service or want products that will enhance your design, we are here for you.

For more information, visit our website here and contact us immediately.

You can reach us at 281-215-3284 or by email at admin@strait3d.com