About Strait3D

Vision Without Execution is Delusion

Welcome to Strait3d, authentic 3D visuals for professional 3D models.

Strait3d models are used by games developers, engineers, architects, news agencies, movies producers, animators, visual effects studios, advertiser, fun artist, and professionals worldwide to create unique imagery that stands out. It doesn’t really matter if you are a 3D artist or looking to start something with 3D, our models are the best starting point for all level of artist.

You have probably used our models without knowing it – its okay, but we want to formally welcome you the most unique 3D model over the internet.

Our goal is to have a background model that artist can build upon saving you thinking time while they get their creativity into high drive. Furthermore, to avoid limiting your artist personalities, our models are easy to manipulate allowing you to add your personal signature and saving you the time to start a model design from scratch. We have heard a lot from our customers telling us how glad they are to finally find a model that speaks to them and saves them the time in crunch periods.

Secondly, we are poised to focus on the creativity of the individual artist despite their location around the world. We want you to be able to expand your skills without compromising the quality and uniqueness of your models. Hence we have created a 3D model library that will supply intricate models that will develop your career as a professional 3D modeler.

Lastly, our models are designed for you and to ease your workload and give you a continuation platform to add your style to it. Strait3D is thought to visual 3D modeling platform; we believe that if you can think it, you can visually create it with our model.

Our Services

Pick a Wrong Model, no problem

Many at times we have customers that have purchased a model that did not work for them. You don’t have to fret over it. Just let us know, and we will do an instant refund or give you a shop deposit that will allow you to locate a more suitable model that will work for you and your project. It is no problems at all.

The Best Price on the Web

3D models are expensive, but at striat3d, you can buy with confidence as we can assure you that our model prices are incomparable to anywhere on the market.

The Best Support System

Are you finding it difficult to understand our models or find the one that suits that project? Don’t worry; we have professionals well vast in the 3D model to help you out. Our services are 24 hours a day through chats and assist ticket with every problem you might have with choosing a model.

Protection Extraordinaire

Every client that buys a model from our site strait3d has an indemnification of $1k. This is a promise that if you ever have trouble with your purchase, we are always there to sort you out.

Our promise is to build a community of professional and efficient 3d modelers, which is our word to you now and always.